Meet the Staff

Alex Waters [The Cartographer]

When he's not drawing, Alex is moving cities, planning a wedding, plotting to reclaim the Best Twin Trophy from Chris, or sleeping. He's usually drawing though. You can see more of his work here.

Andria Bancheri-Lewis [The Teacher]

Playtest Coordinator
Andria is a teacher by day and puzzler by night and mom 24/7. She enjoys playing a variety of both video and tabletop puzzle games - one of her favorites is The Hincks Gazette. At school she runs a Puzzle and Escape Room Club where she teaches her students that the position of clock hands can map to letters. She is an active puzzlehunter and hunts with her super duper pun loving team Vehemence where she is generally considered everyone's mom.

Carson Koza [The Keymaker]

Web Developer
Hello World and greetings, from Carson! By day, he's a savvy Code Monkey, but by night, he transforms into a total nerd, finding joy in the realm of dungeons and dragons. Catch him saying "semi-4" three times fast to signal it's time to split the party and conquer challenges. When it comes to potatoes, his heart belongs to Au Gratin style, because let's face it, cheese sauce makes everything better. When technology overwhelms, he seeks solace under the stars, resetting his batteries for the adventures ahead.

Chris Panzero [The Confounder]

Project Coordinator
One day, Chris got bored during lockdown, stumbled across The Architect's AMA, and fell down the adventure-building rabbit hole. From there, he used his annoying habit of developing niche online communities along with a rudimentary grasp of Discord to help other people get into the hobby. He knows how to signal messages to people from great distances, and he's currently reading PuzzleSnacks Carnival by Eric Berlin (and enjoying it immensely).

Chris Waters [The Architect]

Constructed Adventurer
When Chris isn't traveling the world and building Adventures, He's home sitting with his favorite monsteras. His prized possession is a 17th century trunk. It's a little worn but out of five, it's semi-four in terms of condition despite missing the key. One thing those in the puzzling community don't know is that he's also an accomplished band geek. What instrument did he play? You'll have to guess.

Dan Miller [The Puzzlesmith]

Puzzle Writer
We've got Boston Dan over here. When he's not tinkering with puzzles (in an underground lab, for safety reasons), he's either reading SciFi (might he recommend A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge?), anagramming "SHARE POEM", or playing board games like Terraforming Mars.

David Jackson [The Navigator]

Puzzle Writer, Storyteller, Web Developer
When he's not work-life balancing, David enjoys puzzle hunting with his fledgling team String Cheese Theory. He loves 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180° angles, for some reason. He's a fan of sci-fi and fantasy books; if you're looking for a quick read, try This Is How You Lose the Time War.

Jessie Wheat

Puzzle Writer
Jess lives in the UK with her partner and two children. When she’s not puzzling, she can usually be found running around the hills and trails of Yorkshire. Some of her favourite things include travel, burritos and hedgehogs.

Julie Watson [The Maven]

Puzzle Writer, Hint Coordinator
Julie is an American living in England with her husband, two sons, and a colony of fungus gnats that have taken up residence in her favorite potted snake plant. Her personal puzzling motto is "Is it semaphore?". She thinks that the best way to eat potatoes is potato dauphinoise, that picnics are the best way to eat generally, and loves dogs above all others (sorry family). She is guilty of the millennial trait of using emojis as punctuation.

Noah Steele [The Archivist]

Puzzle Writer
Noah is a college student who supposedly is studying writing, but spends most of his time thinking about puzzles. This includes writing them (most recently, he wrote April 2024's set for Puzzled Pint), playing them, talking to his favorite bonsai tree about them, and at nights he even dreams about waving flags around in his sleep. Is that a puzzle? Huh. Not sure. Anyways, when not doing puzzle-related things, he enjoys writing, sound design, rock climbing, and board games. He's not sure what everyone else is talking about, but the best way to eat potatoes is clearly mashed.

Philip Xie

Web Developer
Philip lives in sunny California where he enjoys long sits on the beach, afternoon naps, and snacking after midnight. He's been breaking and fixing things (usually in that order) since he was little and is delighted he found puzzling to now scratch that same itch. In his spare time, he likes watching Formula 1 and being a Diablo dad whenever he doens't have to be a real dad.

Yamen O'Donnell [The Wizard]

Puzzle Writer
Yamen is a wizard. He lives near an enchanted forest, under the shade of his favorite towering redwood. Born with a mind wired to see every 3x3 grid of objects as a way to map letters, his childhood consisted of logic puzzles and beautiful Tetris blocks. Now he's most frequently spotted hocking fractals at strange art markets, writing poetry for robots, and rambling about the color orange.

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